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Our Care

Our Care

We provide 24X7 Nursing Care, personal care, physiotherapy, Nutritious meal, Recreational activities and many other services. 

Type of Services

24X7 Nursing Care

We provide nursing care to senior citizens after post medical treatment, orthopedic/skeletal rehabilitation,stroke/head injury management,spinal cord management,Alzheimer/Dementia,Parkinsionism and other that are attributed by age. We also provide basic nursing care such as medication on time,checking vitals,sugar test,bed sore management,Nasal Feeding,Catheter care and tracheostomy care.

Personal Care

We provide all types of care to senior citizens in our care home. It includes assistance in sanitation, laundry, and dressing, grooming, bathing, feeding, and cleaning entire residential premises of our care home.


Physiotherapy is beneficial for strength, mobility, and balance, and may reduce the risk of fall at older age. Physiotherapist focuses on enhancing the mobility and improving the ability of elderly people to re-establish ADL (Activity of Daily Living). Physical activity includes orthopedic/skeletal rehabilitation, stroke/head injury management, spinal cord management and Parkinsonism.

Nutritious meal

 We serve nutritious meal to the senior citizens depending upon their need.

Recreational Activities

 We conduct recreational activities for the senior citizens to make them lively and cheerful. It includes bhajan, aarti, birthday celebration, and many other energizing activities.